Manilla Viaduct, NSW, Australia

Preserving the past - informing the future. Digitally.

The Manilla Railway under-bridges are two heritage-listed railway bridges crossing Borah and Oakley Creeks on the Country Regional Network located near the town of Manilla, New South Wales in Australia. While both an impressive technical feat in their day, both were completed in 1908, the bridges are now unused and deteriorating.


When contractor John Holland Rail identified the failure of timber elements posed a potential public health and safety risk, they engaged Focus Bridge Engineering and asBuilt to complete a detailed digital survey of the Rail Viaduct and the Steel Bridge.

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John Holland Rail and Focus Bridge Engineering, NSW, Australia


Constructed 1908 rail viaduct & steel truss bridges


Capture - Laser Scanning
Model - 3D rendered animated reconstruction


John Holland needed a way to analyse and measure the condition of the bridge, to inform repair recommendations due to it becoming a health and safety hazard.


Detailed laser scanning and modelling to recreate the structure digitally.

The digital re-creation was then used at a town engagement meeting for consultation purposes.


  • Stunning 3D animated render for education
  • Accurate digital information to inform repair and preservation plans



To assist the heritage impact statement, community consultation and to create a comprehensive as-built data set for preservation, asBuilt digitised the Heritage listed non-operational rail viaduct & steel truss bridge in its entirety.



asBuilt undertook the following:
  • Detailed laser scanning of the entire Bridge and Viaduct. The data collected will be used to assist in the conservation, management, and repair of the structure
  • To provide a visually engaging educational resource of the bridge and its surrounds, for both the community and government


  • 360 Photo tour of the Bridge and Viaduct hosted online on the asBuilt Vault and accessible to all project stakeholders to inform future decisions.
  • Visualisation renders were created from the collected data during the digital survey to create a graphically captivating 3D reconstruction and animation.

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