Immersive Experiences to Aid Understanding

Technical complexity is best conveyed via 3D imagery and graphics.

Our Communicate services ensure clients and stakeholders do not need an architect’s imagination to understand flat drawings in three dimensions.

With a range of immersion and visual tools available to us, we help our clients explore their assets in the most digestible, engaging ways - from bespoke Power BI dashboards to full immersion technologies.


asBuilt Communicate Services

asBuilt's Immersion Studio

Immersion Lab

asBuilt’s Immersion Lab is a portable seven metre diameter, 360-degree circular studio theatre. It projects a digital environment into the physical world to showcase assets virtually, allowing immersive group and stakeholder experiences.

Communicate through VR

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is where we immerse the user into a digital world. This enables people to feel how a solution will come to life. It provides a powerful medium to convey concepts or communicate any changes to everyone from designers to contractors to end users.

Stakeholders viewing services model in the Engage 360

Full Engagement

By engaging all stakeholders through a digital environment, we can explain how it will change - from full immersion experiences like VR, AR or Immersion Lab experiences, to digital dashboards, graphs or reports - all tailored for the audience.

Visualisation through digitisation


Visualisation comes in many forms. From data analytics dashboards to 3D virtual fly throughs, we communicate spatial representation in a digital and graphical form to visualise what is happening in the real world environment at all asset lifecycle stages.

Immersion workshop showing clients a connected construction sight

Immersion Workshop

Our immersive workshops help communicate and document changes, and record feedback on proposed solutions. Stakeholder groups can explore their asset before it is built to understand, in a deeper sense, future spaces and functionality.

Helpful Communicate Tools

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Communicate Capability Statement

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Fisher & Paykel Health Care

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