De-risk Design Digitally

asBuilt have evolved out of the construction industry.

With this practical grounding, comes a deep appreciation of the construction process and the ability to approach everything with constructability in mind.

Working directly with construction companies, we help fabricate designs digitally, to resolve site-based issues prior to deployment or construction on site.


asBuilt Fabrication Services

Fabricate Services Design Validation

Design Validation

As an independent, asBuilt provide a check, monitor and report function, enabling design and construction teams to manage more effectively. Digital validation of design and construction models is given, providing assurance on the quality of documentation.

Task Automation

Task Automation

To improve delivery times for information at site, we use scripts to automate more time-intensive tasks. This results in being able to allocate more time in resolving any highlighted issues and improves turnaround time for document delivery.

Construction workers resolving constructibility issues


We have evolved out of the construction industry and have a deep understanding of resolving constructability issues, digitally. We work with site-based staff to highlight upcoming issues and then act on their behalf to resolve them prior to erection on site.

04-FAB-shop detailing

Shop/Site Detailing

We accelerate project delivery by transferring design intent to fabrication models for assembly and install. This creates better alignment of original design and install documents, and reduces site coordination issues and drawing changes at handover.

Fabricating air ducts to be manufactured.

Offsite Fabrication

Using a variety of industry tools, asBuilt exports fabrication schematics straight to CAM controlled or enabled tools such as Autodesk Fabrication CADmep, Revit, AutoCad, Fabrication CADmep, Trimble FabShop Export and Fabrication CAMduct.

Helpful Fabricate Tools


Fabricate Capabilty Statement

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