Mount Eden Prison, Auckland, New Zealand

Capturing a High Security Prison Wing

How do you undertake preliminary works on a prison without physically doing time inside the prison? Answer: create a digital replica to work with instead.

Mteden prison internet image



New Zealand Department of Corrections


High security wing at Mt Eden Correctional Facility, Auckland, New Zealand


Capture - 3D HD Scan
Model - BIM Modelling


For upcoming construction work, the New Zealand Department of Corrections wished to minimise disruption inside an operational prison.


3D HD Scan to BIM Modelling – provides the necessary digital accuracy and minimises consultant time inside the prison.


  • Digital replica
  • Accurate foundation to enable shop drawings


It is difficult and problematic to carry out works inside an operational prison. However, from a digital replica model, consultant teams could accurately and quickly identify clashes and complex areas without setting foot inside. The digital replica was therefore able to limit the disruption to the prison operational routine.


asBuilt were engaged to create a cost effective, detailed, as-existing model at speed. The capture process entailed 3D HD scanning to create a BIM Model of the existing high security wing of the prison.

asBuilt completed:

  • 3D HD Scan, Survey and BIM Model high security area
  • Combine Survey Topographical, 3D HD Scan data into BIM Model
  • Accurate digital detail to inform shop drawings for fabrication


Design Trends, 2015 internal render of finished Mt Eden correctional facility.