Southern Cross Hospital

Capturing digital copies of the Southern Cross Hospital facilities in Auckland and Christchurch between 2012 and 2015


As part of their company wide development Southern Cross Hospitals invested substantially in new clinical facilities across Auckland and Christchurch to expand their range of capabilities and the level of medical support they can offer to their patients.

asBuilt assisted in providing scanning and modelling services as well as complex analysis of the structural integrity of their buildings to provide the design/engineering teams a comprehensive data package they could have confidence in.



Southern Cross Hospitals


Company wide Clinical Facilities Updates in Auckland & Christchurch


Capture - Laser Scanning
Manage - Scan to BIM


Southern Cross needed to know the structural integrity of their buildings as they we updating their facilities in both Auckland and Christchurch.


3D HD Scan to BIM Models with Point cloud heat mapping.


  • 3D HD Scanning to BIM Modelling process.
  • Heat Maps from point cloud data to engineering teams