Wynyard 100

New Zealand’s First Connected Construction Site

asBuilt’s collaboration with Microsoft, Spark and construction company NZ Strong has resulted in the first ‘connected construction site’ in New Zealand.

A full 3D spatial model, the digital twin, with spatially attached metadata of the construction site, has been built and integrated with onsite cameras and sensors to monitor site activity. This is helping to streamline the management of people, vehicles and onsite safety, and to ensure environmental considerations are detailed and reviewed consistently.


NZ Strong, Microsoft and Spark


Mixed Use Development across 30,000sqm


Connected Construction
Capture, Model



NZ Strong needed a way to manage council noise compliance on their construction site as well as gaining greater efficiencies in construction management.


A ‘smart’ construction site with IoT for live insights on people, plant and environment.


  • Reduced client time spent on reporting and managing regulatory requirements by half
  • Established a safer construction environment
  • Reduced costs
  • Enabled real-time decision making, both on-site and remotely
  • Enabled better communication and connection of all stakeholders to ONE digital hub


The construction industry globally is second only to agriculture in lack of digitisation and as an industry persists in working in silos. Like the rest of the world, the New Zealand construction industry has long been plagued by inefficiencies, poor safety and poor communication.

To help, asBuilt has strategically developed unique workflows and customised software that enables stakeholders to align and collaborate in a single structured data environment - a digital twin.



Wynyard 100 combines intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Microsoft Azure cloud and Power BI technology, drone and 3D camera imaging, and geolocation.

A digital twin of the building is hosted in asBuilt’s Vault platform and is accessible to the Wynyard 100 team to monitor people, plant and environment.

Machine learning is used to count people, measure environmental parameters (such as light, sound, CO2, temperature, particles), read license plates, identify whether personnel are wearing safety equipment or entering exclusion zones and more.

External equipment-tracking plugins from contractors such as crane providers are integrated via the Azure cloud and external data streams from ERP systems and telematics providers.

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Construction Delivered Smarter

When engineered on a digital foundation, construction projects can be delivered with; reduced risk, errors, inefficiency and waste. We make it easy to create a digital twin of a construction site (a spatial model) which:

  • Provides live insights
  • Connects the whole supply chain
  • Digitises manual processes
  • Provides a digital spatial frame
  • References site data captured
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